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labor, employment and hR

Rougeux & Associates provides a wide range of Labor and Employment Law and Human Resources Management services, all of which are designed to maximize our client’s competitive advantage while ensuring compliance with federal, state, and administrative laws, rules, and regulations.

Warehouse workers with a forklift lifting products.
Corporate Training
Corporate Training & Compliance

At Rougeux & Associates, we like to see our clients in the classroom, not the courtroom.  Accordingly, we partner with our clients to develop training solutions that not only prevent costly and time-consuming claims and litigation but result in more effective management and increased employee morale.

Litigation, Appeals and alternative dispute resolution

Rougeux & Associates defends individuals and business entities in all stages of federal and state court litigation, to include claims arising out of commercial, employment, or contractual disputes and insurance defense claims.

Federal Contracting Compliance & Affirmative Action Plans

Rougeux & Associates assists covered federal contractors in developing, maintaining, and implementing compliant Affirmative Action Plans. Our experienced team can help navigate the complex federal requirements and limit your company’s liability and exposure.

Mediation & arbitration

Backed by a combined 26 years of experience, Rougeux & Associates provides mediation and arbitration services to clients, parties, and other attorneys.  Our team is here to help parties find creative solutions to resolve their disputes in mediation.

Coworkers Mediating

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