Federal Contracting Compliance & Affirmative Action Plans

Rougeux & Associates assists covered federal contractors in developing, maintaining, and implementing compliant Affirmative Action Plans. Our experienced team can help navigate the complex federal requirements and limit your company’s liability and exposure.

Federal Contracting Compliance

Non-construction (supply and service) federal contractors and subcontractors who meet certain thresholds in contract value and number of employees are required to comply with numerous affirmative action laws.  These laws require federal contractors to take specific affirmative actions to recruit, hire, and promote women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and protected veterans.  Financial institutions that are covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) with deposit insurance may also be covered federal contractors.  Failure to comply with applicable federal contractor laws can result in penalties, lawsuits, and even debarment (i.e., the inability to further contract with the U.S. government).

Affirmative Action Plans

Compliance with affirmative action regulations and requirements can be a tricky process to navigate.  Rougeux & Associates helps covered employers navigate the affirmative action process by:

By using Rougeux & Associates to assist with your affirmative action requirements, you can reduce your exposure to litigation, minimize the impact of discrimination claims, effectively survive a federal (OFCCP) audit, and recruit the most diverse workforce available in your area.

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