Corporate Training
& Compliance

At Rougeux & Associates, we like to see our clients in the classroom, not the courtroom.  Accordingly, we partner with our clients to develop training solutions that not only prevent costly and time-consuming claims and litigation but result in more effective management and increased employee morale.  Most importantly, the training that we provide to our clients is fun, engaging, and interactive.

Corporate Compliance Training for the Entire Workforce

Because compliance does not end with training alone, Rougeux & Associates also offers a number of compliance tools to assist Human Resources professionals and business owners in navigating the numerous laws and regulations governing employers.  Better yet, our tools are provided on a flat-rate basis so that companies can take preventative measures that are within their budget, bring peace of mind, and are easy to implement.

Management Training

Rougeux & Associates provides employment law and leadership training to all levels of management.  This training is tailored to our clients’ industries and workforce, is provided on a flat-rate basis, and is presented in an easily digested manner with tools and strategies that your management team can immediately put into place.   

Training topics are provided on a menu basis and include such matters as EEO/Harassment, Disability Accommodations, FMLA and other Leaves of Absence, USERRA, Retaliation, Effective and Lawful Leadership, and many more. 

Here’s what our clients’ managers and supervisors have to say about our training:

Employee Training

A well-trained and informed workforce is critical to your company’s ongoing success. Further, the EEOC, arbitrators, and juries respond much more favorably to training that is live, conducted by a qualified professional, and presented in a manner that permits employees to ask questions.  

Our classes are tailor-made for both the audience and the industry and help employees understand company policies, their avenues for reporting harassment or discrimination, and the protections against retaliation.  Staff level training can be done in one hour or less, making it an affordable option for protecting your employees and business. Plus, your employees will thank you for skipping those boring webinars and internet training solutions!

Compliance Services and Defensive Documentation

When it comes to other compliance needs, Rougeux & Associates offers, on a flat-rate basis, a number of auditing services and protective documentation, including:

These tools and services help businesses prevent the most common legal errors and protect the company’s assets.  It has also been our experience that, with just a little bit of preventive work, companies can either avoid or substantially reduce the risk of, litigation and government investigation.

We Make It Our Business to Know and Protect Yours.
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